My Life With the Liars

Zylynn has grown up in “the light”, and has always been taught that the only mother is god and the only father is Prophet.  The Light is a compound in Arizona that Zylynn and many other children and adults have been raised and living in their whole life. But when she is taken away from the Light her only home, 10 days before her thirteenth birthday, she finds herself coming face to face with the two things that she is most afraid of, the darkness and the liars.  She is taken to a place where everyone is a Liar, everything is a lie, the food, the people, everything.  All Zylynn wants is to go home and be back in the light and have her thirteenth birthday ceremony, where she will join her older brothers and sisters and become a gatherer in the compound.  But when the liars start to show her the different things about the darkness such as the food and toys, she starts to realize that everything isn’t so bad.  But she knows that the only way to make father prophet happy is to return home and prove she can fight the liars and the darkness.  Her parents try as hard as they can to make her comfortable and happy but it is almost impossible because of what Zylyyn is used to in the compound.  One night, Zylyyn and the rest of the liars are looking at old photo albums of all the kids.  One album has her name on it.  In the compound, curiosity is a horrible thing because it causes new ideas that can question mother god.  But the book with her name on it causes her to think why is there a book with her name on it.  So in the middle of the night, she sneaks down to the living room and looks inside the book, but what she finds is something that she didn’t think was possible.

The book My Life With The Liars by Caela Carter is a cliffhanger, with all sorts of plot twists, Carter makes the book irresistible because there are so many surprises and things that as a reader I would have never expected to happen.  My Life With the Liars is a perfect book for a car trip or an independent reading book at school.  I would recommend this book to other students in all grades because the writing is easy to understand and I think all grades could enjoy it. The style is very unique because as Carter is writing the story she is also describing the characters past experiences in the compound, it is as if Carter is describing Zylynn’s thoughts as the story moves forward.  A main theme of the book is determination. Zylynn is so determined to run away and go into the light that she just keeps trying even though she sometimes fails.  I believe that My Life with the Liars is a great book and I would definitely recommend it.