Morris Gleitzman’s Now trapped me with it’s haunting and beautiful style. This book is the third in a five book series; Once, Then, Now, After, and Soon. The main character, Zelda, has a grandfather named Felix, who was a Jewish victim in the Holocaust.  Felix had a best friend during his hard times, her name was Zelda as well. Unfortunately, she died during one of Felix’s breakouts to escape from the Nazis. The only thing he had left of her was a gold painted locket, which meant everything to him. The parents of the present Zelda thought it would be a good idea to name their daughter after the brave and courageous 6 year old of the Holocaust. Although, throughout Zelda’s life, she wanted to reach the potential of the past Zelda, and be as brave and courageous as her. Felix is always supporting Zelda and helping her be the best she can. She will always know that Felix is the kindest and most compassionate grandfather anybody could have. Felix’s birthday comes and Zelda tries very hard to make it a very special 80th birthday for a very special grandfather, but it doesn’t turn out like she wanted it to. In addition to her accident, another incident happens, but this time it’s not Zelda’s fault. She tries everything to solve the problem because she thinks it was her fault, she wants to prove she’s like the past Zelda. Many sad and tragic events happen, but it resolves to Zelda reaching her goal.
Now is a great book for people who like suspense and heartwarming books. I would recommend this book to sixth graders and up because it has some upsetting facts that could frighten fifth graders or children of a younger age. Books that have a twist and climactic ending are the books I enjoy the most, and Now has both. Morris Gleitzman lets the readers have a real understanding of the book, he writes it as if the readers were in Zelda’s shoes. Almost every chapter leaves off as a cliffhanger, forcing the readers to continue in the book. I also admire that every chapter begins with the word: Now, which is the name of the book. Gleitzman does this with all of the books in the series, and I think that it’s creative and assembles the book well. Reading Now gave me an understanding of how lucky I am to be where I am, and I strongly suggest this book to readers who appreciate books with tension among the characters and heartening style.