Open Mic

Mitali Perkins’s Open Mic is a book that portrays an Asian boy and his struggles with bullies. The main character, Henry Choi Lee, moves to Connecticut from southern California because his father is transferred for his job. Henry was surrounded by other Asian students in California. In Renham Middle School in Connecticut, he was the only Asian student. Henry’s parents decided to move to Connecticut because Renham is an affluent town and has the best high schools. His parents think that if he goes to Renham Middle School then he will have a better chance to get into Ivy League University. Henry wanted to go.  He wants to go to Ivy League University because it is one of the best colleges in the country. When Henry is at school everyone thinks of Henry as a nerdy type of kid. He was in fact bad at math because he never really understood it, but he had other strengths.

The writer based the book on bullying. I think it was a great novel because it teaches people to be who they really are not pretend to be someone else. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in helping to stop bullying. This book is inspiring for people who witness or are victims of bullying.

In conclusion, the idea of this book is to stand out and be yourself no matter what is happening in your life. It also includes events in Henry’s everyday life. For example, when he takes piano lessons even though he doesn’t like it at all. Overall, this book is inspiring to people who get bullied and bullies because they need to stand up for themselves.