Paper Towns

Paper Towns is a romance/mystery novel by John Green that will leave you in suspense until the end of the book. “I swiveled around when I heard the window open, and Margo’s blue eyes were staring back at me.” Margo tells Quentin she needs help with a plan that needs to be done by the next morning. The day after their adventurous night she doesn’t show up for school, even after many weeks. But it is not her first disappearance, she has ran away three times before and left clues that are hard to understand. Quentin has to follow the clues that have been left for him to find Margo and with some help from his friends, Quentin  is willing to sacrifice anything, including prom, to find her.

After the first chapter of this book I was hooked, the personalities of the two main characters drew me into the book even more. Not only was this book a romance novel, but it was also a mystery that may not end up the way you expected. By the time I was halfway through the story, there were more characters involved. They were able to give other perspectives of Margo’s personality even though not all feel the same way about Margo. Quentin, learns more about Margo Roth Spiegelman that he would have never guessed. Will he find Margo? and what would her response be if he did?