Point Blanc

Anthony Horowitz’s book Point Blanc kept me reading with its action packed plot and James Bond-esque theme.  Point Blanc is about a boy named Alex Rider, a spy for MI6  (Military Intelligence) who is sent into a special finishing school just for teenage boys.  MI6 believes that there is something else happening inside the school since two recent murders involving two parents from kids at that same school.  While Alex is staying there he makes a friend by the name of James Sprintz.  Alex thinks that James is the only “normal” kid there.  James thinks of a plan to escape from Point Blanc by skiing down the mountain that the school is on and escaping to a town that is at the bottom of the mountain.  The next day Alex asks about James’s escape plan and James says “Oh I’ve changed my mind.  My dad would just send me back.  Anyway, I’d never get all the way down the mountain.  The snow is too thin.”  Alex finds this strange that James would change his mind so quickly after James seemed so focused on his escape.  So Alex investigates and finds something major so he signals for MI6 to come and pick him up.  Dr. Grief, the principal of this school finds him in the basement where the kids are not supposed to be.  I enjoyed reading this book by Anthony Horowitz because it was very interesting and full of action.  Also every chapter of this book something exciting happened, that is something that I really like so far about Anthony Horowitz’s writing style.  The characters in this book all have different stories from being a son of a billionaire to someone how doesn’t even have any parents.  The setting of this story is something that I also enjoyed since I can relate to it but also because it adds a certain effect to how the story plays out.  The setting makes the school seem more like a prison rather than a school.  Point Blanc kept me wanting to read more and more throughout the whole book.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has read Stormbreaker, the first book in the series, or to anyone who enjoys spy books and books filled with adventure.