Possession of My Soul

Lilah Thompson


Karla Grey is an average teenage girl with a secret that remains a mystery even to her, “shielding” is something no one in her family could ever do, so how is she able to do it? Possession of My Soul by Kia Carrington-Russell, is a book about Karla, a “shielder”, who is able to project a shield in defense against Starkorfs. Although not all of Karlas group can produce a shield, they are still committed to battle Starkorfs, with a special weapon, whether it’s a shield, a sword, or both like Karla. Karla has extreme powers, yet such power comes with a cost, and it is unclear who or what is causing Karla to be so powerful and why. Karla adventures along a team of people who have dedicated their life to fighting Starkorfs.
Full of mystery, excitement and action, Kia Carrington-Russell comes up with plot twists and solutions to almost unfixable problems. The author leaves a few solutions to the next two books, so the reader will be interested to read the rest. Kia Carrington-Russell does a fabulous job of describing the setting and people, it is so effortless to imagine the setting and what the characters look like. It is obvious the author tried to think back into what her teen years were like, to use them as a reference to this book. In a way she showed many examples of simple things going on in Karlas life that happen to an average teenager, for example, when Karla got in trouble during school, or when she worked at her first job. I think anyone who enjoys action and adventure would like this book, personally, I think it was quite an exciting book except, the ending was not as bold as expected based on the rest of the book being so mysterious. Overall I would say this book has an excellent plot and is very well written.