“When they make you pretty, they also add these lesions to your brain.  It makes you different, and not in a good way.  Look in the mirror Tally.  If you’re pretty, you’ve got them.”   Pretties, the second book in the Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfield, is the exciting story of the newly pretty Tally Youngblood.  Tally lives in a futuristic society in which everyone becomes stunningly gorgeous at age sixteen.

   Pretties takes readers on an amazing journey with Tally Youngblood who discovers what really changes an Ugly to a Pretty. During the course of the book, Tally ultimately rebels against her city, with its protective walls and mysterious “Special Circumstances.”  Even though Tally is just a “bubble headed pretty,” she still manages to make amazing, and unthinkable accomplishments, with her memorable friends and cunning, hazardous plans.

Westerfeld’s Pretties had me engulfed in the book, I could hardly put it down!  It kept me on my toes and living every moment with Tally on all her adventures.  I especially enjoyed the exciting cliffhanger at the end of Pretties that smoothly led into Scott Westerfeld’s third book of the Uglies series, Specials.  I loved the quotes in the beginning of each new section of the book that hinted at what was to come in the next chapters.  If you enjoy adventure, excitement, and romance then Pretties is most definitely the book for you.


Author:Scott Westerfeld