What would their world come to if being gorgeous wasn’t good enough?

Tally Youngblood lives in a place where almost everyone is born ugly. They get surgery to become pretty and forget their ugly years when they become sixteen years old. Tally is now a Pretty. Her final experiences as and Ugly are a big blur to her. The Smoke, a rebel society that is trying to destroy the Pretty society, give Tally and her friend Zane a pill that is supposed to bring their memory back. But when the two Pretties take one pill each, things start to go seriously wrong. Tally has no side effects, but Zane keeps experiencing severe headaches, that are most likely caused by the pill that he took. He can’t visit a doctor from the society, because then they might discover that he has gotten his memory back. Zane, Tally and some of their friends decide to escape New Pretty town to find the Smoke, because only they might have a solution to the pill. On the way, Tally meets some old friends and new enemies and makes decisions that change her life forever.

Pretties is a very good book filled with adventure and action from cover to cover. In the story, Tally faces her troubled past and people that she was sure she’d never have to see again. Scott Westerfield’s descriptions made me feel like I was standing on a hoverboard or jumping into a frozen lake with the characters. If you like Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Selection or Matched, this book is definitely the right choice for you.

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Genre: Dystopian