QB 1


Fourteen year old, Jake Cullen is a freshman quarterback playing under the Friday Night Lights, which is also known as Cullen Field.  Jake has a older brother named Wyatt, who receives more attention from his dad, Troy Cullen.  The Cullen family is  the most popular family in the town of Granger, because Troy Cullen was a Professional quarterback, who became a Hall Of Famer.  As Jake plays for his high school team, his teammates expect him to be the best player because he “Comes from the Cullen Family”.  While the Cowboys, Jake’s team, expects Jake to be a star player, he is feeling invisible at home.  His mom comes to every one of Jake’s games, which he likes, unlike his dad who will spent time with Wyatt, playing catch or talking.  In addition, Jake has a crush on a girl on the cheerleader squad named Sarah, who has no idea that Jake likes her.  Also, she is a year older than him and the only thing standing in the way of Jake asking her out is the fact that she likes Wyatt.  Will Jake’s dreams come true of becoming a great quarterback like his father?

QB 1 is a great book for people who love fiction, sports, and especially football.   The book was inspired by the real-life Manning family of quarterbacks (Father Archie and Super Bowl-winning sons Peyton and Eli Manning).  It is a book for all ages with an easy vocabulary that anyone can understand.  The fact that it is so similar to the Manning family makes it an interesting read for those who understand football.  The only thing I didn’t like about the book is that it is a very slow paced book and it repeats itself.  For example, Jake goes to the same restaurant every day and except for one time, it’s the same scenario.  If you enjoy this book I would highly recommend the other books by Mike Lupica such as; Million Dollar Throw or The Underdogs.

Author: Mike Lupica

Genre: Sports/Fiction