Golden wings as bright as the sun with white, fluorescent wings as soft as clouds. The book Rapture is the fifth breathtaking novel by Lauren Kate. It is about a group of sons and daughters from “Heaven and Hell” that must go on a journey to save the past, present, and future.

From the beginning of time there has been an equal balance between heaven and hell and good and evil. However, now that one particular celestial being desires to tip the equality of those two sides, a war has begun between them. But, there is a situation worse to come for the universe, and all the things living in it.

Daniel and Lucinda(Luce); the two main characters, have had an extremely deep relationship from the beginning of time. Literally. They have been through many lives together. From the time of Ancient Egypt and the ruling of King Tut, to the modern time of a newly formed government. They are a perfect match. Daniel being strong and brave with violet eyes and wavy blonde hair, not to mention the gigantic and beautifully white wings he carries on his back, and Lucy being curious and and courageous with straight, jet black hair and deep brown eyes. However, Luce has been another’s true love, even before Daniel, and to discover the answers to any hidden secrets Luce must face the God of Hell himself.  

Rapture is an inspiring book that is full of sad, touching, and happy settings and moods. It has an abundance of hidden secrets and unpredictable answers. I would recommend this book to people ages twelve and older because of some gory and violent scenes. Other than that, this book would be perfect for an adventurous and thrill-seeking person. If Rapture sounds interesting to you I recommend Fallen, Torment, Passion, and Fallen in Love-the other books in the Fallen series that are equally as brilliant. This book will have many people turning the pages well into the night just as it had done to me. Rapture is full of cliffhangers that will leave you hungry for more of the Fallen series.