Secret Lives of the US Presidents

Amelia Ausband


The second president John Adams was the shortest president ever, standing at only 5’ 4’ he was about the height of a 7th grader! Cormac O’Brien reveals about a multitude of details about past presidents, in his nonfiction book Secret Lives of the US Presidents. There are an array of short biographies telling about a president’s life before, during, and after their presidency. The book starts with our first president, George Washington, and ends with Barack Obama, our 43rd president.I learned many facts while reading this book, and some of them shocked me
One of the reasons I enjoyed Secret Lives of the US Presidents was because of how easy it was to read.The chapters were short, and each chapter had a different story. Readers that have a small would benefit from attention span, having short chapters and-and myriad of plots instead of one long plot, could help you enjoy the text more than many other books. However, I would not recommend this book to people who have a hard time understanding or handling adult language. The way Cormac O’Brien wrote was as if you were talking to a friend or colleague, not as if you were teaching something to a small child, which is how many books are written. This writing style is one of my favorites because it feels like I am back in time watching the events unfold and not at school. I really enjoyed this refreshing new take on nonfiction writing and would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about our presidents.