Sit Stay Love

“I fall for every dog I meet, but this time it’s different.”  In the book Sit, Stay, Love by J. J. Howard, a girl named Cecilia lives with her father and works everyday after school at Orphan Paws Shelter. One day a cute pug arrives at the shelter, he is injured and hurt. she names him Potato and loves him dearly, but her father won’t let her keep the dog. She keeps waiting for her dad to say yes but before he does Potato is adopted by the worst person imaginable, her enemy Eric Chung. He’s an arrogant, “strait A”, popular person who’s the richest kid in school. Soon Cecilia becomes good friends with Eric’s twin sister, Lily. Eric wants to train Potato to become a show dog, so she sets out to sabotage the plan. “I realized it was selfish of me to try and take back a dog that was never really mine to begin with.”

This book could be for ages 10-14 and grades fourth through eighth since it’s funny and entertaining but also a bit sad. I would recommend the book to anyone who loves animals.The characters are explained very critically and creatively by describing what they look like and their surroundings. It is an easy but good read because it’s short, but is still long enough to be satisfying. J. J. Howard writes very creatively and helps you to place yourself inside the book. The genre pertaining to this book would be realistic fiction, since it contains lots of romance, relationships, and friends. It also has an adorable cover which shows Potato – a pug, holding a rose. The message of this book is ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ because Cecilia thinks that Eric is a bad person who shouldn’t have Potato but he really turns out to be a nice and kind person. ”Potato didn’t seem to mind my tears, even though some of them were landing on his furry little head.”