Sleepaway Girls

The snow is piling up on the sidewalks, and the frigid cold is just unbearable! We all want to escape this weather and go to a place that’s warm and sunny. Since we can’t just snap winter away, I decided to read a book that might make up for it.

Sick of being the third wheel in the relationship between her best friend, Mal, and Mal’s boyfriend, Sam wanted to get away. Staying at home meant putting up with Mal and Mark’s cuddling all summer. So, Sam signed up to be a CIT at Whispering Pines summer camp. She was prepared to work with kids, be responsible, have fun, and make friends. What she wasn’t prepared for was snobby, mean girls and counselor crushes. When she arrives at camp, Sam finds herself the arch-nemesis of the most popular CIT at camp, who is the daughter of the camp director, Ashley Hitchens.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves drama-filled realistic fiction. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down! The only problem I had with the book was that it was a little unrealistic. Towards the end of the book, Sam talks about a recent incident with Ashley to the entire camp, and apologizes. Then, she explains exactly what happened, and told an entire camp of 6-14 year olds about her boy problem! In my opinion, I think there were other ways she could’ve solved her problem, other than telling the entire camp what happened. Nonetheless, Sleepaway Girls was an enjoyable and humorous book, with enough plot twists and surprises to keep me interested.



Author: Jen Calonita

Genre: Realistic Fiction