After going under the knife once again, Tally has been transformed from a mindless pretty into a merciless killer.The rebels from the Smoke have returned and this time they brought a cure with them. As the cure takes over the population who suffered from the brain damage, the cities lose control over their citizens. Specials by Scott Westerfeld places Tally, a teenage girl in complete chaos as she tries to help her friends and find herself all in the midst of chaos and confusion.

Tally and her friends, the Cutters have been through another surgery turning them into fierce human beings who are the city’s weapons, hunting anything that could be a threat. The Cutters try to control the current issue, the rebels are escaping their cities from the Smoke. The Smoke is a big camp for all the citizens who want to escape the cities grasp, but do not succeed against their more modern technology. As the Smoke takes over cities with the cure, trying to help all who went through the surgery and had the brain damaging nano, they fear the Cutters that stalk them. The Smoke ends up thriving in an entire city with new rules, new fashion trends, and a new perspective on a “perfect” life with cured citizens free of brain damaging nanos. Tally tries to save her friends and happens to find herself along the way and realizes she doesn’t have to do certain actions just to fit in and think like everyone else.

Westerfeld developed a plot that builds a conflicted tone where everything seemed to be breaking into pieces going from a  perfect and controlled society to straight up madness. Specials was successfully filled with plenty of action but not an overdose that it becomes hard to follow. The real wonder is will the Cutters succeed in their mission and control the cure to the mind damaged citizens, crack under the pressure, or will a whole new conflict arise?

          Fans of the Uglies series would enjoy this book as it follows Tally’s ongoing adventure but this time she is in the midst of all the action. While Tally might not be the similar to most teenagers, her thoughts and feelings are relatable to teens anywhere. Specials kept me captivated from the beginning to end and I was able to enjoy all the action, Tally’s friendships, and how the story made you think, what would I do if I were her? With conflicts bursting out of every corner of the page it’s impossible to ever be bored while reading this thrilling novel.