Stones In Water

Roberto was only a 13 year old going to an American western film when his world changed, and not for the better. Since Roberto lived in Venice, Italy during the time of World War II, he might not have been able to see another American film again. He was excited to see that they hadn’t yet stopped showing American films in Italy, so he decided set out with his two friends, Samuele and Memo as well as Roberto’s older brother, Sergio, who invited himself to tag along. They could not have anticipated what was coming next.

Roberto decided to skip lunch so that he’d make it in time for the start of the movie because it was in a different town. When he arrived, the movie had already started but not much time had gone by. Not long after he arrived, German Soldiers started streaming down the aisles taking all of the boys. There were only boys in attendance as girls did not tend to like western films. The soldiers took them on a train, and the boys became separated from Sergio. Samuele was faced with a challenge, since he had a Jewish name. He could have been tortured or killed if the soldiers found out that he is Jewish. Roberto suggested to Samuele that he state his name to be the Christian name “Enzo” to protect him from harm. Roberto handed Samuele his St. Christopher cross. They were on their own now. They didn’t know whether they would make it back home.

This book appeals greatly to historical fiction readers, but can suit many other book preferences.

is a lively book that contains many happy and sad moments. The persistent character of Roberto shows how giving up is not a choice in life or death situations. As I drew farther into this action-packed book, I started to feel for Roberto as he journeyed through hard times.

makes you realize that life could change in a flash, for better or worse. I would highly recommend this book to people who love a good, yet sad book.