“For weeks I had been hearing about the girls who had disappeared, but I had never in a million years thought that anything like that would ever happen to me.”  Taken by Norah McClintock is the suspense filled story of Stephanie Rawls, frantically trying to make it home after being kidnapped by a serial killer.

In the opening of Taken, we meet Stephanie Rawls, who is walking home one night, thinking about the recent disappearances of two other girls in the area.  Stephanie decided to ignore the warnings of every adult in her town, and walk down an isolated path after dark.  She didn’t expect that a serial killer could be waiting behind a tree to kidnap her. That is, until she was ambushed from behind and injected with a drug that instantly sedated her.  When Stephanie wakes up tied up in a shack in the middle of a deep, dense forest, her survival skills immediately kick in.  Stephanie makes huge risks every minute she’s out in the woods just to make it home.

Norah McClintock’s Taken had me engulfed in the book every single second of Stephanie’s westward journey to the light she saw in the distance.  I enjoyed that Norah McClintock wrote Taken in a way in which you could easily empathize with Stephanie in all situations she found herself in.  While looking back on the book I saw extremely subtle hints about what was to come.  Throughout the book this foreshadowing became stronger.  I didn’t find Taken extremely scary, but I think it was just overflowing with suspense.  I lived every second of the book with Stephanie, and could barely stop reading it.  I would most definitely recommend this book to everyone who enjoys mysterious, anxiety-filled adventure.


Author: Norah McClintock

Genre: Mystery/Suspense