The 10PM Question


The 10PM Question by Kate De Goldi was a unique story about a boy named Frankie who tries to successfully survive 7th grade. In Frankie’s head, he asks questions about his parents, friends, aunties and his life that can not be answered. When a new girl named Sydney, who is unlike anything else, starts at his school, Frankie begins to open up and have a “friendship” with Sydney. Throughout the book Frankie tries to deal with his own questions and anxieties about his parents, the aunties and his siblings. Why does his mom not leave the house? Has the fat controller given them worms? Will his questions be answered?

If you’re a fan of realistic fiction and like books about crazy families, this book is for you. I have to say I was bored and thought it lacked detail in the beginning, but I soon began to enjoy the book. In the story, I liked how they told you details about the characters personal life and what happened in the past. It was mesmerizing to me, I felt like I was put into the book every time I read it. My favorite character was definitely Sydney because she was different and she didn’t care what people thought about her. The first time Frankie saw Sydney, he thought that she was unlike anything he ever saw, especially because she had dreadlocks. He said, “The new girl tripped up the steps… she tossed her hefty dreads– dreads!” The characters were descriptive and the plot line were creative. The ending is quite satisfying and couldn’t have ended any better. I would recommend this book to 7-9th grade students looking for a book that is humorous and beautifully written.


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Author: Kate De Goldi

Genre: Realistic Fiction