The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride)

Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson, is a roller coaster that starts fast and accelerates to maximum speed.  The story is about six remarkable kids, none of whom have families or homes, who are always running for their lives.  They are all products of an experiment that engineered them to fly.  During their crazy and exotic roller coaster odyssey, they begin to learn new things about their incredible powers.  But now that they have escaped, they want to know more about where they came from, who their parents are, who’s hunting them, who started this experiment, and why they are so superior to other humans.  Fang is the pessimistic one  who’s constantly finding a way to be grumpy or irritated, then there is Gazzy who is clumsy, and Iggy who is blind and intelligent, they make a great combo, Nudge is 12 but one of the more mature ones and then there is the eldest Max, who is always trying to be a better leader.  None of them are actually related except for Gazzy and her six year old sister.


I enjoyed the humorous commentary between the characters particularly when they were in tough situations. Together they researched and investigated their past.  I can connect to the characters since I’m anxious to learn about my past as well. I’m not generally a fan of this genre of books, but once I read the first couple pages I was hooked and I thought it was an amazing read.  Patterson began the story with an intriguing letter from Max which made me timid to turn the next page to the story.


If you dare to read this story,

you become part of the Experiment.

I know that sounds a little mysterious-

but it’s all I can say right now.


From the beginning of the book, Patterson’s approach makes the reader part of the setting.  As you continue to read the story and learn about the characters and their relationships with one another, you can envision their virtual world as though you are there.  For example, when he says they’re in a forest, it transports the reader into the story at that moment.


This is a book you never want to put down and when your parents say, “stop reading, it’s late,” you will just want to continue to read under your bed cover.  The ending of the story is satisfying and makes you want to read the next book in the series.

Author: James Patterson

Genre: sci-fi