The Angel of Death

In the book The Angel of Death , the second book by Alane Ferguson,  Cameryn Mahoney has become more focused about the way she works and the way she is around people.  Cammie also becomes secretive about communicating with her mother, who left when Cammie was three and has been gone ever since, until now.  However, when her teacher turns up dead and no one can figure out what happened to him, the secrets become too much to handle.  When Cammie begins a new relationship  everyone is surprised because she goes from being someone who barely dates , to dating a popular kid.  Camryn chooses to open up to her new boyfriend, someone she barely knows, instead of telling her best friend Lyric.  This causes Lyric to feel hurt and like Cammie is putting him in front of her, and they get into a big fight.  “What’ll happen when he shows up?  You gonna put me on the floor?”  After the fight Camryn realizes that telling someone about her problems helps to take some of the weight off her shoulders.  Howeveris she’s telling the right person is the real question.

The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson starts off really mysteriously with an abundance of questions that have to be answered.  Unlike the first book in the series, which you have to read into to get hooked, this book grabs you from the very beginning and you only have to read in a few pages before you are hooked.  I like this book because of its mystery and suspense that leaves you with many questions.  If you like books with forensic mysteries where people are left with tough choices when in the hands of a killer, than you will love this series.



Author; Alane Ferguson

Genre; mystery / suspense