The Apothecary

 From books to jail, Jane and Benjamin will save many lives. In the book, The Apothecary by Maile Meloy, there two high school students named Janie and Benjamin. Janie is a new student who moved from Los Angeles to London. Whereas Benjamin is a boy who isn’t afraid to stand up to authority, and who dreams of becoming a spy. They friend each other after school, all the while beginning a magical and mysterious adventure. During their adventure, there was a gardener who helped them escape jail by giving them magical potions, that also help to rescue a kidnapped man. Sadly, the gardener was murdered which was the cause of them being put in jail. The Apothecary is a strong book that it makes the reader unable to put it down. In addition, book inflicts suspense and makes an attachment grow on the characters throughout the story.

    While they are on the adventure they come across many challenges. The one adventure that lasted the longest was trying to find Benjamin’s father, which led them on a complex and confusing quest. The ending is happy and sad at the same time due to a turn of events. Whereas the climax is filled with suspense, confusion, and excitement. Over the course of the book their are sad, frustrating, and happy moments.