The Brotherband Chronicles Book Four: The Slaves of Socorro


When the Heron brotherband become the Skandian duty ship to the Kingdom of Araluen, they’re excited at the challenges ahead. Hal, Stig, Thorn and the Herons eagerly set off for the trip – with an unexpected new crew member aboard. But an enemy from their past returns, throwing the Herons into a dangerous quest to free captured Araluans from the slave market in Socorro. Even with the help of an Araluen Ranger, the task may be too much.

Fans of John Flanagan’s “The  Ranger’s Apprentice” will adore the fourth installment to The Brotherband Chronicles, jam packed with action, suspense, new characters, and Flanagan’s ever so funny humor, whether it be sarcasm, slapstick, or friendly jabs at the characters’ expense.  Readers will never be bored while reading this book, the suspense will keep them on their toes, and even in the middle of a battle, readers may still get a laugh or two.  With interesting characters, readers will never be disinterested aboard the Heron and her crew.