The Cage

The Cage written by Ruth Minsky Sender, explains to us how Riva (The main character) and her 3 siblings were treated by the nazis. Sender writes from personal experience because she is one of few remaining holocaust survivor. As a result Riva is left to caring for her 3 younger brothers. On a daily basis, Riva was faced with searching for food, Caring for her younger brothers, and avoiding the nazis.

This book takes place in 1939 and 1942 during world war II. The war saw the ghetto place for a Jewish community so the nazis came in and took all the Jews from their homes. “There is something familiar about that voice. I make my way slowly toward the kitchen door. I hear the voice again, but now it is the hoarse whisper of a broken man.”  “ ‘They are all gone,all dead.‘ ”  That means that they are not here gone he doesn’t know where they are.

It’s a great book because it gives an in depth view about world war II. It was a well documented account of her journey. Anyone who reads this book is bound to learn a great deal about the Holocaust . I like the way she wrote the book, she described every detail of the journey in unbelievable detail. She writes fluently and gives strong details about the Holocaust.  Also the author wrote, To Life and The Holocaust Lady are written from personal experience because she is one of the few remaining Holocaust survivor and the book’s genre is non-fiction. This book gave me a greater understanding of the Holocaust.