The Candymakers

The CandyMakers by Wendy Mass is an exciting mystery that involves friendship and leadership.  The story provides four different perspectives by the main characters who have completely different personalities that hook you into the book within the first chapter. This book includes the making of  mouthwatering sweets and shows you the unexpected. When four twelve year olds sign up for a candy making contest but one of the friends admit a secret that will change the course of the contest. Who is going to win the contest, logan the boy who could “Distinguish between the milk from two different cows” and the different ingredients in candy by just tasting it, Phillip who didn’t like eating candy and only wore a suit and tie, Daisy who could stretch taffy like it was nothing, or Miles who was allergic to the color pink and knew everything about the afterlife?

This book didn’t only grab me in but it also got me to like the characters and their backgrounds.It was filled with humor despite some sadness and confusion. it would definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy adventure and excitement.

Author; Wendy Mass

Genre; Adventure