The Da Vinci Code

Emma Sionkiewicz February 22, 2015

The Code of the Millenium

“Behold, the greatest cover-up in human history.” The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown will rewrite anything you thought to be true. Dan Brown snatched me right from the start of the novel, when author and symbologist, Robert Langdon, was woken up late at night with shocking news.  Earlier that evening, he was supposed to have a drink with the Louvre’s prominent curator, Jacques Saunière, but he never came.  At his door is the Direction Centrale Police Judiciaire (DCPJ), the French equivalent of the FBI, telling him that Jacques had been murdered.  Jacques didn’t die quietly, he left a confusing code that made the police believe that he, Robert Langdon, was responsible for the murder.

Our other protagonist, Sophie Neveu, DCPJ Cryptographer, finds more meaning behind the code than the police do.  Sophie and Robert, two people who have never met, must work together to solve a mystery that had been cold for most of human history.  With threats from the church and the police, the duo must solve the age long mystery of history itself before they are caught.

The Da Vinci Code is a joy for those who love mystery, puzzles, and adventure.  Although I loved how long the book was, anyone who does not find thick books appealing may turn away this read. I personally loved how merciless the author was when conversations were had because there was no definition if a character spoke in a different language. Basic latin and greek roots, along with french are common in this book. I would suggest breaking out a dictionary because details are very important. Brown was always playing with my emotions, making me laugh while reading one page, and then sob to another. My favorite character was Silas whose complicated story as an albino was quite sad. Even though he was supposed to be an antagonist, I really wanted to give him a hug. Overall, this book kept my attention to the last word, and left me in a daze. I would recommend it to any teen or adult who enjoys reading an action-packed and a full plate of mystery.



Author:Dan Brown

Genre: Mystery, Adventure