The Fourth Stall Part II

Hayden Leveroni


If you have not read the first book in the series, you should not consider reading this as there may be spoilers from the first book.  Chris Rylander’s second novel in the Fourth Stall series was even more exciting and suspenseful than the first.  This time, it begins with the cliffhanger from the first book, a girl that is supposedly named Trixie Von Parkway, told Mac about the bad experiences that she has had with a new teacher in the school, Mr. Kjelson.  Trixie is complaining about how she thinks the teacher targets and bullies her for no reason, as well as giving her low grades in his class, even though she doesn’t deserve these grades.  She is asking Mac to find a way to have Kjelson off of her back and possibly fired.  

Later on in the year, the vice principal, Dr. George, becomes apart of the school staff and has a reputation for serious discipline. He then arranges the state administered tests, called S.M.A.R.T.S., that if a school doesn’t have a decent overall score, the school could possibly be shut down. Usually when kids hear that they would be excited, but inorder for Mac and Vince run a business, they need the school to help them.  Other strange problems start to occur and Mac and Vince are trying to find the root of the problems.  While they are doing this, they run into problems with Dr. George and Mac has to face his biggest problem yet.  Will they save their school, or will they fail the tests and have the school shut down?

Once I finished the book, I was left in total suspense yet again, except this time, a familiar face is asking for help.  The second book is shorter than the first, but has much more action and suspense which made me really enjoy the book.  I really like the way Chris Rylander writes his books because in the perspective of a child so that it is easier to understand.  This time around, my favorite character was Mac because he wouldn’t back down from any challenge and came up with the craziest solutions from a problem.  The theme of The Fourth Stall Part II is that there is always hope no matter how bad the situation seems as well as anything is possible.  If you like action, suspense, mystery and adventure, you should definitely consider reading the fourth stall series.