The Hammer of Thor

    Julian Lepler

     It’s been six weeks since Magnus has returned from defeating the Fenris Wolf and preventing Ragnarok, otherwise known as doomsday, for now.  Since Magnus is the son of Frey, the god of fertility, summer and health, it’s unusual for him to be a warrior in Valhalla.  However, he has been training for Ragnarok with everyone else, and he is one of the most successful warriors there.  According to Norse legends, Ragnarok will begin, and the nine worlds will burn in the final battle between good versus evil.  But, Magnus’s friends, Hearth and Blitz, have disappeared, and he has a new hallmate that is very mysterious.  Thor’s hammer has been stolen, and Magnus is on a mission to retrieve it, and to prevent Loki from being freed from his eternal torture.
    Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase: the Hammer of Thor was an amazing book, and had loads of action.  This book kept me interested the entire time.  However, it is almost 500 pages, so it might be challenging for some younger readers.  Rick Riordan is extremely good at creating mythology inspired books.  I really enjoyed this book because Riordan makes it easy to understand Magnus’s feelings.  Riordan is very descriptive when he writes, and that makes it easy to understand the characters.  Magnus was a great character because he is just a normal teen until he dies and is revived in Valhalla.  I also love how the plot builds up suspense through the whole book, until the final scene at the end.  The characters always talk about Loki and the Giants to make the reader curious.  I recommend Magnus Chase: the Hammer of Thor to anyone who loves action, mystery, or adventure, from the ages of 11-16, because it  can be confusing at some points for younger readers.  I would also recommend this book to anyone who has read anything else written by Rick Riordan, because they are all about mythology, the stories are all quite similar, and sometimes the books intersect with each other.  Magnus Chase: the Hammer of Thor was fantastic and I am looking forward to the next book in the series when it comes out.