The Hobbit

There and Back Again, commonly known as The Hobbit, is a thrilling tale of bravery and valor. The Hobbit shows that something small can make all the difference. Long before the quest for gold began, the city of Dale was founded in the shadow of the mountain. Thorin Oakenshield is the leader of the 13 dwarves. His the grandfather Thrain, was once the king of Dale. Smaug the dragon attacked and laid waste to the city, killing its people and stealing its treasure. The Hobbit revolves around Bilbo Baggins, a homely and very easily intimidated hobbit. Along with a party of 14 dwarves, he embarks on a quest to the Misty Mountains to take back the dwarves’ gold from the terrible dragon Smaug. In order to reach the Misty Mountains, the party of dwarves would have to travel through the forest of Mirkwood, through the Mountains, and across to the laketown. They experienced dangerous trials along their journey in their quest for the stolen gold. This quest results in bloodshed, fighting, greed, broken alliances, and jealousy between the elves, dwarves, and men.

The setting of the story is based in medieval times in the mythological land MIddle Earth. With physical characteristics not unlike that of the English countryside. The writing style of There and Back Again is a modified version of English meant to be read with an Shakespearian styled tone. The mood of the story is mysterious, breathtaking, and adventurous. Characters in the Hobbit contrast to different types of people in our world. Some are headstrong and strong willed, others homely and easy going. These characters are so incredibly realistic and diverse, that the reader will think they have actually stepped into the lives of the characters. The characters in the Hobbit are not only reflective of our world, but they help to draw the reader into the rich and imaginative world of Middle Earth.

All in all, I would recommend this book to almost everybody. Elementary school children are the youngest children to most likely enjoy this book. The Old English styled writing can be confusing for younger children. People of almost all ages should give this book a look. With it’s enthralling plot, realistic characters, and detailed world, this adventure is a classic in all sense of the word. It is a timeless adventure that will quickly climb to the top of your favorites.