The Infinite Sea

“The mechanized world had died. earthquakes and tsunamis had obliterated coasts, and plague had consumed billions.” Rick Yancey’s book The Infinite Sea was a nail biting story of the apocalypse. Cassie and Sam have been running from the others since Evan Walker infiltrated and blew up an alien military installation called Camp Haven. When they left the military installation they knew they had to find a shelter. The location they found was a hotel and stayed there where they were safe or thought to be. While they were in there they had to protect themselves from the dead of winter and the silencers and aliens. Suddenly it happened everything just fell apart and came back together. Ringer had left them and hasn’t been seen in days and she was the squad’s marksman, but then Evan Walker is an alien who became human and comes to see his Cassie and to tell them how to defeat the aliens one and for all. From there on it was up to Sam his sister and his squad to leave the hotel and survive and destroy the aliens that have ruined their lives.
Fans of action and science fiction will love this book since it has you guessing what will happen next, with characters that influence the story a lot. Setting in this book was boring, most of it took place in a run down hotel with rats and dead bodies, but while they were at the hotel the dialogue was intriguing , as it had the characters talking about the lives they knew before the aliens arrived. It was also changing between points of view to tell the story through different perspectives. The ending of this book is a cliffhanger that keeps you thinking what will happen next. Since this is a book in a series I would definitely read the first and third book in the third book in the series since it was such a great book.