The Kill Order

A loud rumbling came from the sky, then, a giant barge flies in from over the mountains.  A large crowd of villagers gather on the field where the barge seems to be landing. They all are feeling excited and hope this is some kind of good news. Mark and his friends Lana, Trina,  Alec and Darnell wait with the rest of the crowd to see why the giant ship is here. It hovers about 30 feet in the air, then, four or five people with green suits walk onto a platform holding tube-like objects. The scene is ominous, the people are not sure they can trust these newcomers, the green suits raise their objects, then start firing darts with a virus in them at the crowd. They must travel to New York safely in hope of finding a protected area, they have heard there is a flattranse which is a porthole to somewhere else that will take them to a better place, but they don’t know if they can make the journey and all stay alive, the world is in catastrophe. but when they get separated, is it possible to make it back together and to safety before the disease can get to them? Or, before the people who have already caught the “flare” try to kill them because the disease has taken over their brains. “You’re going to die right now the man said.”

The author, James Dashner, has a very intriguing writing style where every end of a chapter is a cliff hanger, and you have to read to the next page to find out what will happen next. This is a very intense and exciting novel because there is a lot of battles and hardship. I would recommend this if you like books that normally have a survival theme. This book is suitable for ages ten and up. Two of the themes in this story are friendship and survival. One example of this is when they all have to look after and protect each other and by all of them being together, it makes the group feel safer against all the growing threats. Mark, the main character is a very trustworthy and helpful friend and helps to guide the group to safety. Will  they make it?