The Maze of Bones

“These clues will lead you to a secret, which, should you find it, will make you the most powerful influential human beings on the planet…  Or, each of you may walk out of this room with one million dollars…One million dollars or the clue.  You have five minutes to decide.”  These are the words Dan, a genius, and his older sister Amy, a major bookworm, hear at their beloved grandmother’s funeral.  Rick Riordan’s, The Maze of Bones, captures the reader’s attention with its engaging suspense.

After a lengthy debate at their grandmother’s mansion in Boston, they decide to pass on the million dollars and take the following clue,  “Resolution: The fine print to guess, seek out Richard S______.”  

Since Amy read a biography about him on one of her frequent library trips, she is able to figure out that Richard S______ is Ben Franklin’s pseudonym.

Amy knows that Franklin was an ambassador in France, so she has a hunch that the next clue is located there, but Dan disagrees.  Is her guess correct?  If so, will they be able to defeat their rival family members, who will do anything to hurt them, and gain control of the next clue to keep on racing, or will they fall short?

Rick Riordan’s The Maze of Bones could force anyone to keep on reading this book.  The confusion and the chaos of the mystery, took me on a very suspenseful ride.  I love the way Riordan uses foreshadowing in The Maze of Bones, he gives the slightest of clues about the next chapter, and if it is not read carefully it could be missed!  This aspect of the book was so great and was perfectly executed that it had me in awe.  It is so engaging that I had no trouble putting my phone down, sitting in a cozy place, and reading it until tiredness overcame me.  Anyone who enjoys an intriguing mystery with plenty of suspense would enjoy The Maze of Bones very much.