The Name Of This Book Is Secret

Although the secrecy in this book can drive a curious reader mad, the action and adventure makes the book hard to put down.  Bosch’s The Name Of This Book Is Secret is full of intriguing characters and surprising twists and turns that made me want to read it again.  This book follows two friends which are renamed Cassandra and Max-Ernest (to protect their identity) through their dangerous adventure that all started when the friends found a  notebook in a magician’s secret nook.

The theme of this book is dark and readers can relate to some of the character’s thoughts or feelings.  What frustrates readers like me is that the author often wastes chapters explaining how much he doesn’t want to continue, but then, reluctantly does.  The characters are renamed to fit their personalities and to convince anyone that those names are what they were born with.  The main character Cassandra, is named after a princess from ancient greek mythology, who was cursed to predict the future.  Our Cassandra always believes that danger lurks everywhere, except (like the mythological Cassandra) no one takes her seriously.  On her journey, Cassandra is accompanied by Max-Ernest.  Max-Ernest is named with two names to represent the struggle he has between his divorced parents.  Everything is split between the parents, as the boy must treat the two the same.  This equality issue extends to his hair as the author explains “Max-Ernest cut every hair on his head the exact same length because he didn’t like to favor one hair over another.”  Even though the book lacks most pieces of the setting, I would recommend The Name Of This Book Is Secret to anyone that enjoys a mystery novel with danger at every turn.  The characters may seem like they have diverse personalities, but they are a perfect team that works to rescue a friend from his imprisonment, and to stop a secret from surfacing while discovering a few of their own.


Author:Pseudonymous Bosch


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