The River

The story begins in Brian’s apartment in new york city, after Derek arrives at Brian’s place with the idea of Brian and him traveling into the woods and learning about survival,(which Brian has done already). He has to decide if he wants to do it again after what happened last time. It takes some convincing, but after some thought, Brian agrees. They choose woods surrounding small lake with a river running out of it, but when Derek gets struck by lightning, there is a change of plans. Brian is not sure where to go to get help and doesn’t even know if  the map he has is accurate, all he knows is that he is going  to do everything he can to make sure Derek is ok. “Derek was still alive, they had a shot at it.” Is everything going to work out, or not?

The River’s execution of the plot was almost flawless and there was never a dull moment. The author does a professional  job of explaining how Brain makes different tools, for example, a bow and a fish spear.  “He showed Derek how  to make a bow and a fish spear and taught him that he has to use whatever is in the wilderness to survive”. I think it is a fantastic book, and the author does an awesome job making the reader feel as if they were in the book, this is the reason I liked it so much. I would recommend this story for ages 10-15 because for younger readers, some of the things the main character talks about might be confusing.