The Scorch Trials

Imagine running through the middle of the desert and covering yourself with bedsheets so you don’t get  a second degree burn. Thomas, the main character and protagonist, is trying to find a safe haven while having no idea what will happen next on this mysterious journey. The Scorch Trials by James Dashner is a fictional novel about the main character, Thomas, and the Gladers continuing their journey through WICKED’s mysterious tests. James Dashner’s series starts with the novel the Maze Runner and an interesting plot about a group of boys who all forget  their memory. They eventually escape the maze and are taken to a weird bunker. That’s  where The Scorch Trials begin, but they wake up missing someone in their group.

The setting of the book takes place somewhere around the world in the bunker. The boys explore the bunker to find a unknown man with an invisible wall around him. The plot thickens when a man tells them that they all have a deadly disease called “The Scorch”. Also that if they don’t leave the building through a teleportation device, and go to a certain place that they don’t know through spoken directions, they will die.There is a character vs. character conflict when Thomas fights with a girl named teresa because  she betrayed him.

The story is filled with excitingly huge plot twists and strong descriptive action. The author, James Dashner has a fantastic writing style and is very good at changing the characters along the story. The book was a little confusing when it came to dialogue, it was a bit hard to determine who was talking and when certain characters were talking. It will be easier to determine the confusing plot if you read the Maze Runner before The Scorch Trials. The novel consists of character vs.self when Thomas is thinking on who to believe and doesn’t know what to think. Overall I thought the book was pretty good and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Genre: Mystery/ Suspense

Author: James Dashner