The Sixty-Eight Rooms

The author of “The Sixty-Eight Rooms” takes the reader on an exciting adventure through time.

Ruthie and Jack went on a field trip with their school and visited the Art Institute in Chicago. During this trip, they visited the Thorne Rooms. The Thorne Rooms are miniature rooms that are designed to look like rooms from different places and periods of time. When Ruthie saw the rooms, she was put into a trance by their beauty.  

Ruthie and Jack found a key that can transport them through the rooms. The Throne Rooms have some parts that are magic and others that are not. The key allows Ruthie and Jack to explore the rooms’ beauty and mystery. After finding more information about the magic of the Thorne Rooms,  Ruthie and Jack decide to go back and investigate. Throughout the book, their expedition takes them through Chicago. Marianne Malone’s “The Sixty-Eight Rooms” is a magnificent book to enjoy on a summer day.

The theme of this book is that everyone is important. This is because Ruthie was very insecure about herself until she was able to explore and realize that she was worthy of the magic within the Thorne Rooms.

The author’s writing style is unique. She did an exceptional job making the reader feel like they were standing right beside Ruthie and Jack during their adventure through the Throne Rooms and their lives. I would definitely recommend this book to younger readers and people looking for an exciting book to read.