The Star Wars Trilogy

The Star Wars Trilogy by George Lucas is an action packed adventure with some mystery and suspense.  The series consists of three books, A New Hope, The Emperor Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi and is about a young farmer named Luke Skywalker who lives on a planet called Tatooine.  Tatooine is known to be a dry barren planet that is made up of only sand and rock with very little water.  Also, during this time a war against the Empire has ruled the galaxy for ages.  The rebels who are a group trying to defeat the dictating empire want to go back to the ways of the “Old Republic”. Those who believe in the “Old Republic” want the Empire destroyed.  Young Luke encounters two droids who contain valuable information that is vital to the rebel forces.  During Luke’s adventure he learns the cold truth about his long lost family.  In this exciting tale of science fiction and adventure Luke finds himself facing many challenges and he must learn how to survive and control the power of the force.  Will he use his powers for the greater good of the galaxy or will he be manipulated to join the dark side?


In my opinion this is a excellent read for those who like science fiction with a bit of adventure and suspense.  However this book is a very challenging read.  The book is taken in third person but the author makes it seem that you are in the middle of the war.  If you enjoy this book I would recommend the next trilogy, Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy. It includes The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, and Revenge Of The Sith.  If you are a Star Wars fan this is the book for you.


Author; George Lucas

Genre; sci-fi