The Thing About Luck

Summer’s family is faced with losing their home; consequently Summer and her family  go and work for the Parker family cutting wheat. Summer is a twelve year old girl who is a hard worker and will never give up on someone or something. Her brother, Jaz, is intense and will persevere through any job. Her grandmother is sassy, sarcastic, and stubborn.

Summer has many jobs on the wheat farm. She works during the day taking care of her grandfather and cooking with her grandmother for everyone at the farm. While her family sleeps, Summer helps Mick, another farm hand for the Parker’s, with cutting the wheat. Summer used to think that Mick was a mean and a sarcastic person who didn’t care about anyone, but after many nights working in the combines she finds that Mick is a loving, caring and kind person. Some nights Summer goes to Robbie, the son of the Parkers, because she had a huge crush on him. Will Robbie go out with Summer? Will all this hard work pay off and will Summer’s family be able to keep their home?

    The Thing About Luck” is amazing book and worthy of reading, although it bored me in the middle because the author focused too much on the life on the farm. The author wrapped up the story perfectly.

In the story there are many themes including to never give up and to trust one another. An example of this is that Summer’s family has to work together to pay the mortgage. Another example is family relationships. Summer will help out with taking care of her Grandparents. Also the family will support Jaz with school and help him make friends.

I would recommend this book to seventh and eighth graders because I feel that they can relate to these challenges even more than other kids. I believe this because any twelve year old girl has to struggle with these types of relationships.