Tin Star

         Tin Star, by Cecil Castellucci takes place in a futuristic universe where earth has begun to send humans to other planets as colonies. The main character, Tula Bane, who is supposed to be sent to an earth colony on a different planet is instead left behind. She is trapped on the space station because she knows too much. In consequence, she is nearly beaten to death and is left on a docking bay in the middle of nowhere. While thirsting for revenge on Brother Blue, the man who left her on the space station to die, she makes deals with friends and enemies alike. In this inspiring story of a girl who survives off her wits, Tula Bane does anything she can do to survive, thrive, and stay alive.

The book,Tin Star, was an exciting and inspiring book that kept me occupied for about a week. At  the end of several chapter ends I was hooked, and although I was tired, I would keep reading. It was an exceptional book that quickly hooked me with exciting parts like “And then I found out that I wasn’t the only human”. Although when I thought back and noticed the sort of dull storyline, it had a very satisfying conclusion and phenomenal writing. The story was great for any sci-fi fan who enjoys  thrilling plot as it combines sci-fi and a tiny bit of mystery. The mystery of why no colonies would accept the main character. Again, This book was excellent and I would highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading.

Genre: Science Fiction

Author: Cecil Castellucci


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