Treasure Hunters

James Patterson’s Treasure Hunters is an action-packed story filled with humor and adventure.  The four Kidd children, Tommy, Storm, and the twins, Bick and Beck, have been traveling the world their whole lives, collecting treasures with their mother and father.  Bick narrates the story, while Beck draws rich, informative, and funny pictures.Their home is a boat called The Lost.  On a stormy day, their father disappears in a huge series of crashing waves.  A few months earlier, their mother was kidnapped by pirates in Cyprus.  The four Kidds take over the treasure hunting operation, and this book and the subsequent ones, of which only one more has come out, is about the quest for the Kidds to find a series of treasures, and their parents.  They face many foes, such as killer surfers, pirates, and a rival treasure hunter named Nathan Collier, who always tries to rip them off of their discoveries.  The four children really bond as they work together to achieve their goals.  Will the children find their parents, and the treasure, before it’s too late?


Fans of fast-paced, thrilling tales will love this roller coaster ride of a story.  It goes from one climax to the next, all while incorporating a light mood that will give any reader a laugh or two.  The Kidds can never know whom to trust, because there is plenty of backstabbing and shocking revelations.  It uses descriptive imagery, such as the simile “people being tossed around like wet gym socks in a washing machine,” and authentic sailing terms, that Bick explains, such as “Steer her leeward and lock it down!”  The end is surprising, and it sets itself up for a series.  It will keep you guessing until you read the next book.  I would highly recommend this story for any action fan, but also anyone who wants a good read.



Authors: James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Genre: adventure


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