Two Summers

When Summer Everett makes a last minute decision, her life splits in two. In one life, she travels to Paris, France, to spend the summer with her father. In the other, she stays at home and takes her aunt’s photography class. In both summers, she will fall in love, but a terrible family secret kept from her for years will cause a perfect summer to come crashing down.

One stormy day, Summer is waiting at the airport for her flight to Paris when she receives a phone call from a blocked number. She answers it despite the closing plane gate, and on the other end she hears a familiar male voice. It was her father and he says, “Summer, I don’t think you should come.” He claims that it is because he will not be in Paris when she is there, due to a business trip, and she believes him. She turns around and heads home. Her aunt offers for her to take a summer photography course, and there she is surprised to see Hugh Tyson, who she has had a crush on for months. They become partners in the class and end up spending most of their summers together.

A split second-decision and she doesn’t answer the phone call. Summer realizes that the plane gates are closing and quickly gives her boarding pass to the impatient flight attendant, and rushes onto the plane. When she arrives in Paris, she walks out of the airport, only to find that her father is not there waiting for her. Surprised and confused, she hails a cab and goes to her father’s address. Hesitantly, she knocks on the door, and a strange woman who she has never seen before opens it. The woman invites Summer inside, and she meets a rude girl who seems to hate her for no reason. Summer leaves a little later and finds a cute little cafe called Cafe de Roses. There she meets and handsome young french boy named Jacques and they start spending more and more time together. Finally, in both summers, she accidently stumbles over a terrible family secret that sends her perfect world spiraling.

There are numerous themes in this book such as romance, suspense, and independance. The romantic interactions between Summer and her two sweethearts entertain the reader and sets a tone of love throughout the story. In addition, readers will be captivated due to the story being told from Summer’s perspective and the deep dark secrets that are frequently unveiled. Finally, she has to be independent even if she doesn’t want to be at times, and she has to make some very hard decisions on her own such as travelling to Paris even though her mom doesn’t think it’s the best idea.  In conclusion, I would recommend Two Summers to people who like suspense and romance stories.