Welcome To The Dark House

What would it be like to stay behind the door of the dark house, one of Justin Blake’s scariest movie icons where a movie character, the nightmare elf lerks?  Each of the characters entered a contest, they had to submit their worst nightmare in 1,000 words or less and they were all picked into the contest for the chance to see Justin Blake’s latest confidential work.They won a luxurious night in the dark house however the trip took a turn for the worst and they were forced to see their darkest nightmares at an old amusement park. Each of the characters narrate through their own point of view and switches throughout the book. The main character Ivy, lost her parents to a killer when she was twelve.  Since then, she has been having nightmares about the killer seeking for revenge and stabbing her with the knife that killed her parents. You will have to read the book to find out more.

When I had first started reading this book, I was instantly wanting to turn the page to see what happens next. This is an exciting mystery type book that once you put it down you pick it right back up. I would admit that this style of writing between mystery and horror does get frightening for some people. For people who tend not to like that type of genre, I would not recommend this book for them. On the other hand people who do, this book is a real attention grabber, and you would be brought straight into the dark house. But the question is who will survive the next two days.