Wonder is a book about a young boy named August who was born with facial deformities. After being home schooled up until he was in fourth grade, his parents decided it was time for him to go to a normal school. Although his first school year at Beecher Prep had had a rough start, Auggie makes some great friends and has some amazing memories. With help from his family and his two best friends Summer and Jack, Auggie is able to get through the hard times. Like when Julian bullies Auggie because of his appearance. Julian would put notes in his locker and gave Auggie mean looks. However, his two best friends help him get through the crazy adventures.

The theme of this book is to show that you shouldn’t judge someone for what they look like on the outside, rather than how they are on the inside and to love and accept everyone, no matter what they look like. One theme throughout this book is of friendship. Auggie’s friends support him throughout this school year.

This book inspired me to give second chances, to support others around me more, and to accept people for who they truly are. I felt like I could relate to all of the characters and I really connected with them.  And I think that anyone could have a true connection with the characters. That is why I would recommend this book for all ages.