Age of Exploration: Investigating the Spice Trade

We have been talking about how the spice trade was a major cause for the Age of Exploration, and why spices were so valued. So which spice would students want to trade for? Today, they sniff-tested 12 spices to see what they liked and disliked, and then attempted to identify each spice. There were some fun surprises along the way – be sure to ask your son or daughter about their favorites!

Short story diagramming!

Students learned the components of the short story, and then worked in groups to choose the climax (point of change) for the short stories read in class. They did a great job discussing, choosing, and supporting those choices with facts from the stories!

Welcome 5th Graders

Dear Soon-to-be Fifth Grader,

We look forward to meeting you in August at the start of the school year. In preparation for 5th grade your teachers would like you to continue reading, writing, and practicing math over the summer. You may choose as many books to read as you want. However, you need to select one book to write about. After you have read this book, you will pick a topic from the list in this folder and write a letter to your teacher and mail it by July 30.

Also in this folder are Summer Math Calendars to keep you up to date with your math skills. The goal is to spend at least 10 minutes a day practicing math over the course of the summer. The packet consists of 2 calendar pages, one for July and one for August, with a blank page on the reverse for answers. When you complete a problem you can color in that day on your calendar, so you can track your progress. We also ask that you practice your multiplication facts every week. Please return your completed calendar on the first day of school.

Enjoy the summer,

Ms. O’Dwyer and Dr. Hunt

Summer Math Assignment:

Suggested Summer Reading List:

Summer Reading Assignment: