Medieval Times

Essential Question:  Who had the power in Medieval Society?

Hear ye…Hear ye…Step in and visit the craftspeople and merchants who are selling their wares at the Medieval Faire in the fifth grade.

Each student has assumed the role of a member of medieval society and is ready to demonstrate his/her knowledge and understanding of medieval life. Look for artifacts, clothing, and signs that represent a craftsperson or artisan from the Middle Ages. These young apprentices will tell you the steps to become a master craftsman and they will describe their lives as apprentices.

Read the Medieval Chronicles that are in the style of illuminated manuscripts and discover more about the lives of these artisans and craftsmen.

Observe Gothic style stained glass. Students combined their mathematical skills with their study of Gothic architecture to create these unique medieval rose windows during art class.

Students have learned to sing Medieval songs and perform Medieval inspired compositions.

Love that Dirty Water

Essential Question: Is this water safe to drink?

Students have studied the causes of pollution in freshwater. They discovered how towns
and cities purify our drinking water, and working in small groups, they have used what they learned to design their own water purification system. Having designed a system, they tested it to assess how effective it was and they produced a report documenting
their progress.

Other Exhibition Documents

Last year’s 5th grade students testing their water filters….

and presenting on Exhibition Night.