Faculty and Staff

School Phone:781-631-0777

Address:17 Lime Street Marblehead, MA 01945


Name Position Email
Bill Sullivan Acting Head of School bsullivan@marbleheadcharter.com
Michael Condon Student Services Director mcondon@marbleheadcharter.com
Jeff Barry Business Manager jbarry@marbleheadcharter.com
Laura Wood Food Service & Nutrition Director ldesantis@marbleheadcharter.com
Matt Cronin Director of Curriculum & Technology mcronin@marbleheadcharter.com
Katherine Koch Office Manager kkoch@marbleheadcharter.com
Matt Young Athletic Director myoung@marbleheadcharter.com
Meghan Hale Humanities Department Chair mhale@marbleheadcharter.com
Ellen Lodgen Math Science Department Chair elodgen@marbleheadcharter.com
Jenn Stoddard ELL Coordinator jstoddard@marbleheadcharter.com
Susan Hauck Enrichment Coordinator and Vacation Programming shauck@marbleheadcharter.com
Bob Erbetta Facilties Coordinator rerbetta@marbleheadcharter.com

Grade 4

Name Position Email
Phyllis Aldrich Advisory Teacher: Humanities paldrich@marbleheadcharter.com
Jen Stoddard Advisory Teacher: Math / Science jstoddard@marbleheadcharter.com
Beth Taranto Teaching Assistant btaranto@marbleheadcharter.com
Chandler Wilder Special Education Fellow cwilder@marbleheadcharter.com
Michele Kallelis Special Education Support mkallelis@marbleheadcharter.com

Grade 5

Name Position Email
Patricia Rietti Advisory Teacher: Humanities prietti@marbleheadcharter.com
Claire Hunt Advisory Teacher: Math / Science chunt@marbleheadcharter.com
Karen Kagan Inclusion Teacher kkagan@marbleheadcharter.com
Emily Wilson Inclusion Fellow ewilson@marbleheadcharter.com
Matt Colturi Teaching Assistant – Student Support mcolturi@marbleheadcharter.com
Tori Hicks Teaching Assistant vhicks@marbleheadcharter.com

Grade 6

Name Position Email
Jessica Xiarhos Advisory Teacher: Math / Science jxiarhos@marbleheadcharter.com
Kristina DeRosa Advisory Teacher: Humanities kderosa@marbleheadcharter.com
Jake Kessler Inclusion Teacher jkessler@marbleheadcharter.com
Ashley Jones Inclusion Fellow ajones@marbleheadcharter.com
Tori Hicks Teaching Assistant vhicks@marbleheadcharter.com

Grade 7

Alicia Churchill Advisory Teacher: Humanities Teacher achurchill@marbleheadcharter.com
James Rogers Advisory Teacher: Math / Science jrogers@marbleheadcharter.com
Erik Roberts Inclusion Teacher eroberts@marbleheadcharter.com
Felice Stubbs Instructional Support fkoslen@marbleheadcharter.com
Joseph Mangano Teaching Assistant jmangano@marbleheadcharter.com

Grade 8

Name Position Email
Meghan Hale Advisory Teacher: Humanities mhale@marbleheadcharter.com
Ellen Lodgen Advisory Teacher: Math / Science elodgen@marbleheadcharter.com
Stephen Veiga Inclusion Teacher sveiga@marbleheadcharter.com
Joseph Mangano Teaching Assistant jmangano@marbleheadcharter.com
Nick Santoro Special Education Support nsantoro@marbleheadcharter.com

Integrated Arts & Specialists

Name Position Email
Dominique Dart Art ddart@marbleheadcharter.com
Ada Pouplard French apouplard@marbleheadcharter.com
Mercy Baez Spanish mbaez@marbleheadcharter.com
Adria Mele-Smith Music, Chorus, and Band Director asmith@marbleheadcharter.com
Matt Young Physical Education myoung@marbleheadcharter.com
Tony Palladino Writing Tutor tpalladino@marbleheadcharter.com
Carol McEnaney Reading Specialist cmcenaney@marbleheadcharter.com
Laurie Stolarz Reading Tutor lstolarz@marbleheadcharter.com
Vickie Kenneally Instructional Support vkenneally@marbleheadcharter.com
Patricia Rietti Instructional Support prietti@marbleheadcharter.com
Allura Poulin Speech & Language Therapist apoulin@marbleheadcharter.com
Alyssa Crimmins Occupational Therapist acrimmins@marbleheadcharter.com
Dr. Denise Sargent Physical Therapist dsargent@marbleheadcharter.com
Alan Hawryluk Strings Teacher alanhawryluk@aol.com

Health and Counseling

Name Position Email
Judith Nuñez Guidance Counselor and PTO Liason jnunez@marbleheadcharter.com
Lauren Donadio Nurse and Health Teacher ldonadio@marbleheadcharter.com