Student Success Fund

Thank you to all those who have already contributed to the Student Success Fund!

If you haven’t made your contribution yet, please consider doing so now.
You can pay online through PayPal, or send in a check.

Number of Children at MCCPS
Child / Family Name

The Student Success Fund helps to sustain valuable programs and activities such as:
●    A Variety of Enrichment Courses
●    Assignment Books 4th-6th Grade
●    Free Fruit at Meals & Recess
●    Playground & Gym Equipment
●    Music Programs including concert band, jazz band, strings & chorus
●    Student Magazine Subscriptions
●    Children’s Island Field Trip
●    Books for Classroom Libraries
●    Guest Speakers/Artists
●    Scholarships for Field Trips
●    Technology Devices & Programs

MCCPS uses PayPal as the online payment processor, so you can either pay using your PayPal account (if you have one) or using any major credit card. MCCPS does not receive or store your credit card information on any computer in the school, as all payments are processed directly by PayPal.